Got Here as Fast as I Could
I loved this song by Mark Bishop the very first time I herd it. But I never thought in a thousand years it would be played at my son's funeral. On April 30, 2007 my son was killed in a auto accident. He also really liked this song.                                                                                                  Let me tell you what has happened with this song since then.             We had a concert planned for May 18th. at East Rowan High School called May Sing. Scott's funeral was on a Thursday. I wanted to cancel the concert. I contacted The Freemans,TK&Mcrae,  and Joyful Hearts. They all were just Great and said anything they could do to just let them know. Well Robin and I decided to go ahead with it because thats what Scott would have wanted. The ad on Joy FM was suspose to start running the next day. Nobody herd it the whole weekend so Monday morning I called Joy FM and was put on hold. Guess what was playing "Got here as fast as I could". Went back to work that same Monday and Robin went with me. About the same time Scott was killed there was a wreck in front of our business and it was about the same kind that Scott was killed in. We were the first ones to get their and you know what was on our minds. The lady was not hert to bad. As we waited for the ambulance she said she was so sorry for our loss. She cared more about our loss than the wreck she was just in. We stayed their until the ambulance came and we walked back to work and guess what was playing on the radio "Got here as fast as I could". At Christmas we sell Christmas Trees and my son Travis had changed my Souther Gospel station to an all Christmas music station which was fine but I was putting up Trees and I decided to change it back. Well the radio is located in the storage room and it took me 2 minutes just to get to it. I finally got to it and as soon as I got it back to the station guess what came on right then "Got here as fast as I could". Then It just happened again with this concert. I was making an e-mail to JoyFM with all the info. I told them in a phone call to make sure they play Got here as fast as I could in the background. They said make sure you put that in e-mail. Well I got it made and was going to hit the send button and guess what came on "Got Here as Fast as I Could". I had forgotten to put it on the e-mail.                                                                                                                  These are not coincidences. I believe this is God working through a song to let us know that Scott is with him and waiting for us with his arms open wide.                                                                                            Thanks for taking the time to read this.  God Bless                   Wayne & Robin