Scott's Sing did not start out with that name. I know the Lord was calling me to have Gospel Concerts in 2006 so we had a few at our church. Then in 2007 we were going to have our first major concert with The Freemans,Misty Freeman,TK&Mcrae,and Joyful Hearts. It was to be called May Sing because it was going to be in May. About 3 weeks before the concert the worst thing that has ever happened to Robin and I happened. Our son Scott was killed in an auto accident he was 34 and to be married in 5 months. Being very devastated I wanted to cancel the concert. Robin and I talked and decided to have it in Scott's memory. I'm glad we did because that would have been what he wanted. He had been helping raise money for the cure of Cystic Fibrosis since he was 4 years old. And that is what we are doing with these concerts. In his truck they found flyers about the concert that he was putting up. We didn't know that he was doing that. The concert went great but it was very hard to do. I decided around Christmas to start having concerts about every 3 months and it would be called Scott's Sing. I wanted to lease a building but the expense was way to high so I decided to have them in Church's and School's. I am trying to have them without sponsors. I just hate asking people. It will be really hard to raise much for Cystic Fibrosis without sponsors but we will do the best we can. If someone would like to sponsor please call. Next concert to be on Aug. 8th. 2009 with The LeBeaus,The Bledsoes,Keith Plott,and Travis Trexler and chaos youth group.                                                                                                                                      Nov. 20 2009, My life long best friend and wife of 40 years Robin went to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus and our son Scott. She had given her diseases a long hard fight but now she can breath. No more pain and suffering. I miss her so much but I should be happy that she is in such a better place with no pain. 
Groups and Soloist that have performed or going to at Scottssing....
The  Freemans
Misty Freeman
Trinity Quartet
The McRaes
Mark Bishop
One Way Trio
Eighth Day
Joyful Hearts
Julie Thomas
Bob & Judy Curlee
Nathan Morgan Morgan
Homestead Praise team
Northmen Quartet
The Greens
Mercys Well
2 for 1 1
The Whisnants
Mountain Creek Harmony
The LeBeaus
The Bledsoes
Keith Plott
Travis Trexler
Mercy's Promise
Betty Tilley
Michael Paul Taylor
Jody Watson
Standing Still
The Dosses
The Ladd Family
The Webb Family
Tony Corner
The Shirey's
Brandi Kilgore
Ashley Burgess
Reise Absher
Vintage Quartet
Dana Lindsay
Jay Stone Singers
Homestead Praise Team
The Wisecarvers
Three Bridges
The Kirkmans
Heart to Heart
Kings Highway

2nd. Chance
The Browders
The Pathfinders